The Importance of Communication Compliance for Businesses

Communication Compliance for Businesses

Effective communication is one of the essential factors needed for a business to succeed. However, workplace communication is more than getting your message across but also complies with the rules the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sets.

This regulatory board enforces federal securities laws, including communication compliance.

SEC communication compliance refers to the practice of ensuring all communication within a company or by a company to external parties complies with the regulations and guidelines set forth by the regulatory council. 

These communication laws apply to businesses, particularly public companies, broker-dealers, investment advisers, and other entities in the securities industry. 

What is Communication Compliance

Communication compliance is the practice of ensuring that all communication within an organization conforms to industry regulations and ethical standards. 

This is especially important in highly regulated finance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. 

These rules and regulations are crafted to protect investors and the public, promote transparency, and prevent fraudulent or manipulative activities in the securities market. 

Failure to comply with SEC’s regulations on communications can result in severe legal and financial consequences. Moreover, it may also pose damage to a business’s reputation.

Communication Compliance on Instant Messaging Applications

With the growing use of instant messaging applications in the workplace, ensuring communication compliance has become increasingly important. 

Companies must ensure their employees are using these applications ethically and legally. 

There are multiple instant messaging applications available for use in the market. However, WeChat and Telegram are the most prevailing ones. 

Businesses must remember that utilizing instant messaging apps is also covered by SEC communication compliance. 

Complying with the regulations set by SEC means companies should see that even using these platforms, data privacy is maintained, secured, and compliant with record-keeping and retention requirements. 

Hence, they must also ensure they obey laws and regulations when using these platforms. 

WeChat compliance refers to using the platform in a way that complies with regulatory requirements and internal policies. The same applies to Telegram compliance, just that it is for the Telegram platform. 

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Check out this infographic to learn more about us and the SEC communication compliance regulations.