Double Eyelids Help To Make Your Eyes More Prominent And Beautiful

When there is a fold or crease on the upper eyelid, that eyelid is referred to as the double eyelid. Double eyelids (ตาสองชั้น, which is in the term of Thai) help in making the eyes look more significant and prominent. The eyes look dull, shabby, and small for those who are monolid. These eyelids are mainly seen among non-Asian people.

How To Create A Double Eyelid Artificially?

 The surgical process will help create the double eyelid but non- surgical methods are also there, and the effect will not last long. In the nonsurgical method, a suture must be placed on the eyelid to create the fold without cutting the skin. The recovery time is much less here, but the result will last longer until the crease on the upper lid is there. Now, if the patient is willing to go for an incisional method, the process is lengthy. The patients in this process must be admitted to the hospital, and a skilled ophthalmologist will undergo the surgery.

How Is Incisional Surgery?

The doctor needs to use general anesthesia to make a deep incision so that they can cut the extra muscle and turn the monolid into a double eyelid. This surgery is for a lifetime, creating a defined fold. Stitches will be there for a few days, as dressing needs to be done weekly to avoid infection. The recovery time of this process is long, and patients must listen to doctors’ guidance to prevent further complications.

The Double eyelid will help boost confidence as it changes the overall look of the face.

How Much Does The Surgery Cost?

The cost of the surgery varies between states, but it is always on the higher side. You need to spend extra to undergo the surgery. You must consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon or ophthalmologist who will end the process beautifully. The cost is between $100 and $400, including all their services.

If patients are unwilling to undergo surgery, one of the most straightforward processes they can do is apply makeup to their eyelids to make them look bigger and better or extend the corner of their eyes with tape. These things are common among those who are not willing to proceed with the treatment and love to experiment with their looks.


Double eyelids help make your eyes look prominent, enhancing human beauty. If anyone is willing to make double eyelids, then it’s best to consult a skilled cosmetic surgeon or an ophthalmologist.