Dealing with Cockroaches in Kitchen Cabinets: What Elimination Methods Can You Try?

Finding roaches in your kitchen can be terrifying. It’s shocking to discover that you share your kitchen cabinets with filthy creatures. You will never want to have unwanted guests in your house, especially roaches since they can spread germs and pathogens. But how do these pests enter your clean house? You have been diligently keeping your home clean and taking out your trash regularly. So, you may be wondering what those roaches came into contact with and how many of them have taken up residence in your house.

First, keep in mind that any home can have roaches because these dirty pests do not care about your life status or neighborhood. Second, keeping your home clean will keep these pests away; however, they can still come back. A lot of various kinds of cockroaches plague homeowners. These species may stay in your house due to the warmth, food, moisture, and water they can access. If they decide to mate while inside your home, this can be a serious issue. This makes pest control Round Rock an important consideration for homeowners.

Identifying Signs of Cockroach Infestation

Before you take action against any pest, you need to verify the species you are dealing with. You must find evidence first. Cockroaches are usually found in the bathroom or kitchen area. They are active at night, so you should look for them during this time. These pests hide in creases and crevices during the day, but they can come out when startled. 

Aside from seeing live roaches, you may also spot droppings if you have an infestation. Cockroaches leave smear marks wherever they live. Beside these marks, you may find fecal matter that looks like coffee grounds. In addition, you may also find egg capsules they can leave behind. Cockroaches lay eggs regularly, so seeing egg capsules is a sure sign of their presence. In kitchen cabinets, they can leave behind black dots in the cracks of corners. 

Finally, you may also smell a strange odor where roaches nest. Because these critters like to shed when they grow, urinate often, and leave behind fecal matter, you will notice a musty smell in their hiding spots. If you only look closely, you will find evidence of roaches in your house. If you are dealing with an infestation, you must work harder to find evidence of roach activity. 

Reasons Cockroaches are in Kitchen Cabinets

Cockroaches enter your kitchen for a lot of reasons. Species like American roaches want to be around water. Rotten wood cabinets by the pipe and water leaks will draw them to your kitchen. Because decaying or rotten matter attracts them, ensure you repair leaks right away.

Once roaches are in your kitchen, they will end up in your cabinets in no time. This is where they feast on food crumbs. Although American roaches like water, the majority of species come in for your food. To keep your food supply from these pests, do not leave dirty dishes in your sink and store cereal in plastic containers. Also, you should cover your trash can with tight-fitting lids and take out trash every day. 

How to Treat Roaches in Your Kitchen Cabinets

To get rid of roaches that have been staying in your kitchen cabinets, try to use bait traps. Roaches are tempted to the bait and ingest the poison once they can sense it. They will take this back to their colony and kill everyone there. 

Other elimination solutions you can try include vacuum, flushing agents, gel bait, liquid residual, dusting agents, and sticky traps. However, if you are dealing with a serious cockroach infestation, it is best to have a pest control technician address it for you. Do not allow roaches to spread germs in your house and put you at risk of contamination.